Friday, October 24, 2008

Sunday - 8:15am at GRC

I suggest we meet at the GRC at 8:15am (instead of 9am as previously suggested) on Sunday for the MCM cheering party. The route runs past the store/Key Bridge at miles (roughly) 4.25 and 8.75. The leaders should sneak past around 8:22ish then again at 8:45. Max plans to open the store no later than 8:30am.

After they run past the store a second time (mile 8.75), I THINK I will then head out on a run (or tag along with a team member) and then run with my backpack over to the finish line.

Please see the map below. I undersatnd everyone will do their own thing on Sunday, but it would be great if we had a solid presence of friendly faces at the store until at least mile 8.75 (roughly 9am).

Does this sound like a solid plan?


Billy said...

Yea that sounds like a better plan. I've got some other friends that I'd like to cheer for, too, and that will be easier earlier in the race (smaller time gaps).


Peter said...


KLIM said...

Did some more reasearch while slurpng on clam chowder at lunch...

After mile 8.75 (at the GRC), we could run to the Lincoln Mem and see the runners come by at mile 16. When all have gone by, we then run across Mem Bridge into Arlington and see them pass there (25.5) or simply shuffle along to the finish.

This entire plan allows for watching the race at 4 different spots.

MAX said...

how much running will we have to do?

KLIM said...

2 miles from the GRC to Lincoln.
2 miles from Lincoln to mile 25.5
2 miles from Finish line back to GRC

TOTAL = +/- 6 miles

I am going to do the bulk of my running as we wait for the runners to come approach...maybe hop in for a bit...then out. I am hoping for a total of 10.

RM said...

OR you can ride around on the Metro and catch MAD spots.

With a little more running and some Metro peppered in, you could spot around the 1 and 4 mark, then when they exit Gtown at like 9, see most of the miles around the Mall and then cross over the bridge to see the last half mile!

Allen Carr said...

6 is good for me right now