Thursday, October 16, 2008


I spoke with the race director. I have set aside comp entries for GRC team members who want to run. You must get there by no later than 8:30am to pick up your shirt and bib, etc.

FYI. The shirt has all kinds of GRC logo on it thanks to Allen(mr. cool)Carr.

Make sure you go to the area adjacent to Beach Drive that is next to tennis courts and public bathrooms. It is a half mile or so from the line.

So far I have 4 people from the GRC. I can take a few more. If we get 8 we can have two teams.

PS. I found out there is cash for the top 3. However, for such noble souls I would not think cash would serve as an incentive for you all.

PS2. The cause behind the race is mental health.

PS3. Who won the debate last night?

send me an e-mail if you are game for the race.

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