Thursday, October 30, 2008


This am I decided to break my boring and lazy ways and venture out of the hood. I started my usual run but instead of staying within my fortress I headed up porter street and climbed my way to Conn ave. I took a left and decided to run at a gingerly pace up and down one of the most traveled streets in the Capital. What I like about these urban early morning runs is I get to see people from the past and present. Former runners, girlfriends, work colleagues and memories galore. I made my way downtown where I ran up and down all of the streets I could.

As time became an issue I made my way back to DuPont and then headed up towards the Morgan. As I approached the Washington Sports Club I came upon an familiar face from years past.

This cat, Garth Terry. Way back in the day, Garth and I would meet any and everywhere, at any time for a run. I do not even remember the context for our meeting and where he lived. I would get random e-mails throughout the week asking me to go running now. There was no rhyme or reason. We would meet wherever; Haines Point, downtown. Rock Creek, the store, out in Virginia.

Anyway. He was and is an interesting dude. He is studying to be some sort of Doctor and travels and lives all over the place.

Aside from just enjoying running, he was one of the best runners around. He only ran a few times a week but he is one of those guys that could just show up and run a 25 minute 8k or 31 minute 10k.

Bottom line is he is back in town and I will make sure he connects with the group.

Peace out


KLIM said...

I don't like Garth. He has red hair.

Coachhrd said...

I like the idea of writing on some of your specific training runs. I'll have to include some of that content in mine - Some of the banter from group runs would also be fun to share!