Friday, October 3, 2008


I watched a # of interesting programs on TV the last few days to shake my world and make me realize that now is the moment for leadership, positive vibes and courage.

ONE: I have seen numerous programs on the recent economic decline of recent days. Most recently a blurb on Charlie Rose with Warren Buffet referring to the current crisis as an Economic Pearl Harbor. If anyone should have proper insight into this matter, it is Buffet.

TWO: Upon the tragic death of one of my all-time favorite actors, Paul Newman, I went and re-watched Cool Hand Luke for the millionth time. What a great film. Newman plays Luke, a character that all young men might envy. He is a handsome, young rebel with no cause except to defy the forces of others trying to control and reign in his integrity and sense of self. He is a noble spirit who refuses to buckle. He does this all in the face of adversity and he shows great class and coolness touched off with a sensitivity and humanness that is not created in today's acting world.

THREE: I watched Rocky I for the 50th time and was once again reminded that spirit, guts, determination and heart are what makes a person inside. Money, power, image and other superficial attributes of people are not what gives us the inner strength to inspire ourselves and others to do great things.

FOUR: I watched a nice piece on Rick Pitino, a great college basketball coach who has recently written a book about conquering adversity and obstacles in one's life. The book is about the death of his infant son and how he coped with it. He encourages others to read the book so that they might learn how to cope with the current economic, world and personal crisises effecting people. His point is that to grow beyond adversity in one's life, one must devote themselves to helping others and making the world better. He has done this by committing himself to building a homeless shelter and helping young men achieve their dreams in Basketball and life.

FIVE: The debate between Palin and Biden. I cannot comment as I do not believe much was said to sway the election one way or the other.


Melissa said...

Hurry, before someone else snags the url:-)

Peter said...

Seriously, all good stuff but not related to running or GRC. A personal blog is the way to go.

MAX said...

what is GRC and what is running, anyway? who and what defines it? A TOWPATH:) Is it running a few races and measuring how fast you go over a distance? to some that is important and to some, not.

I believe in the 6 degrees of seperation. Most things have more in common than not. Rocky, and Cool Hand Luke, personify passion, spirit, guts and determination. All of these attributes are suited/applicable to the committment of some runners and running. The economy is totally related. The Company is and will be hurt by a damaged credit market. As for the economy and runners, the east African runners are coming here to win a few hundred bucks to send back to their families. They are willing to take huge risks to come across the world in a plight to perhaps, attain a better life. When I talked to the Westchester coach, it was quite sad, actually. Many of the Ethiopians he knows and coaches, defy his advice and run their hearts out. Most get injured and fail in their quest for a better life. Imagine trying to run for living.

When you work the floor of the store and listen to the multitude of customers as to why they like to run, what keeps them going, etc. They run on a treadmill at night and watch TV, they are running to lose 10 pounds, to releive stress, to find some balance in life, etc. Very little of their motives relate to the high powered running you all are doing.

Instead of knocking my round about posts, you can ignore them or post some abstract stuff on your own. Its a blog.

My favorite American artist of this century was Jackson Pollock

And........ paul newman was a one cool cat.

PR said...

Jackson Pollock was an artist of *last* century, not this century.

Just sayin'...

MAX said...

pr, when i was your age the last century was this century, for me. senior moment.

MAX said...

pr, when i was your age the last century was this century, for me. senior moment.