Monday, October 27, 2008

Feelin' the LOVE

Thanks to all of you who were out there supporting us yesterday. It was invigorating to hear so many friendly voices of encouragement. Also, I think the new jerseys facilitated more bystander cheering since they're a lot easier to read. Chris and I heard a lot of "Go Georgetown!" (and "Go Hoyas"....). THANKS!!! I'll post my race report on my blog later today.


PR said...

I echo Melissa's comments. I don't know how you guys were in so many places at once.

I also heard my fair share of "Hoya Saxa," which was amusing at first...but as I became increaingly more agitated in the final miles, I fought the urge to "politely" correct them.

Matt Ernst said...

Congrats to all those that ran and wore the new and improved GRC! Melissa, special shout out...great race. Matt

RM said...

They were in so many places probably cause Jake ran a marathon and a half - seriously I saw him everywhere! Great job to all, and I guess it's better to have people cheering for something on your singlet than nothing at all!

christiam said...

Good job everyone!
Here are some pics of some of you I took in Georgetown: