Wednesday, October 29, 2008



I have been running for 1hr. very early in the morning for the last week and a half. I run around my hood. Its very hilly. I stay on the street and more or less run up and down long hilly roads. I am too lazy to run to some other hood and enjoy the routine so I am doing lots of the same thing day after day.

Its gotten to the point that many the neighbors refer to me as the "running guy"

Bottom line is its lots of hills.

Whats the word on mega hill running?

advice and wisdom from masses appreciated.

Even though the Red Sox lost the Celtics will make up for it.

peace out


KLIM said...

Hills are the best thing you can do. It's like running 150% rather than 100%; you get more bang for your buck. I try to run hills on every run. Long gradual up AND DOWN hills do great wonders. IMHO you can't run enough hills.

Peter said...

“Hills are speedwork in disguise”

-Frank Shorter, Olympic Marathon runner

When I was going to school in OC, california, I had a 10 mile run I did every week that went up and down a canyon for a total of 12 hills, all at least 150ft of elevation gain. They were such serious climbs that I never ran it in less than 80 minutes. It took my running to a whole new level.

The only drawback of the towpath is its lack of hills.

Matias said...

Hills are the knee's best friend.

Then again, always good to train for the raceday terrain