Monday, October 6, 2008


This Spring, 57 year-old Chuck(mighty)Moeser will going for the world record in his age group for the 10 and 5k. He just ran a respectible 58something at Army. As for the record, I believe it needs to be 33 and some change and 15 and some change, respectively. I am sure Towpath or the like can look up the precise time for the 55-59 age group category.

To put things in perspective, his daughter is Melissa's age and way back when, Chris Bain was his side kick. At races, I used to see these two shirtless guys wandering about together. One(Chuck) was bouncing around, pre-race going up to every woman in his view and making complimentary comments about various body parts and the other(Bain), was simply observing and taking in the whole spectacle.

I talked to Jake earlier about getting some GRC guys to jump in at a race and pace him to the record. He is game as some of you should be. Think of it as giving back to the running community.

Also, in your lifetime, you might never see someone his age run at that level. Its pretty impressive.

Stay posted.

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The American records are here: