Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hey All,

For reasons concerning work, I have "switched" over to Pacers. I hope to continue to run with you guys whenever I can, and of course attend and host gatherings like paintball, parties, and poker. When I was with GRC, I ran and hung out with some Pacers guys. So while I am with Pacers now, I envision still hanging out with you guys. For example, Patrick and I will be doing a MP long run workout on Sunday.

I'm leaving GRC on good terms, and I certainly don't consider myself "leaving" you guys. Before a race, I will shake your hand, during the race I will continue to do things like point out ice and say kind words, and after the race I'll be there to celebrate your accomplishments or commiserate your struggles.



Peter said...

Jason, you are a true "honor goat" and your leadership will be missed.

When/where are you doing the long run? I need to do an afternoon run as I am going to be videotaping ATM in the morning.

JARRIN said...


KLIM said...

My Friend,

I will see you on the roads...and the trails.

Your Obdt Srvt,


Matt Ernst said...


Still hope to get out on the occasional run with you...with or without your new singlet.


christiam said...

I echo everyone's comments, best wishes Jason!