Monday, October 13, 2008

Chevy Chase Fun Runners Compete in Baltimore

I headed down to Baltimore on Saturday with a group of Chevy Chase fun runners to compete in the city's Half-Marathon. A couple of us are doing MCM, so we used it as a final tempo run.

Highlights of the course included a park full of cheering bums, a nice flat lap around Lake Montebello (probably the only flat part of the course), and a dude dressed in a tiger costume dancing on the hood of a hoopty to "Eye of the Tiger."

My only complaints about the race are that it started late(9:45 AM), had a laxly enforced waved start, and half-marathoners ran alongside marathoners for miles 4-13.1 of our race (17-26.2 of their's).

Congrats again to the Chevy Chase fun runners!! Pictured above from left to right are: Mike Coterrell (1:26:53); Carrie Martin (2:05:53); Megan Zimmerman (2:07:43); Sheena Dahlke (1:38:00); and Peter Lee (2:04:55).


Nietzche said...

Brilliant, I now have my halloween costume figured out, The Eye of the Tiger. Nice run guys.

Ben said...

Great job guys!I have run a portion of that course and it was no joke. Congrats to Wilson Komen who was out there also and Kyle Smits.