Saturday, October 4, 2008

Watching Army Ten Miler

I discussed some options with Diego this morning and Christiam last weekend. Who else wants to do a run while watching the race? I'm going to go at least 10 miles, but at an easy pace.

Given the race course, I would say our best chance to see everyone multiple times is to run around the National Mall. The race starts at 8:00, and I would assume our guys will be crossing the Memorial Bridge around 8:07. We can see them go by twice around the Lincoln Memorial at miles 1.5 and 4, and again around Mile 7-8 near the Smithsonian.

Diego/Christiam/others: When/where do we want to meet? I checked the metro schedules for Sunday and they start earlier than usual because of the race. I propose we start from the store by 7:45. Diego, if you would rather us meet you somewhere else, let's discuss our plans in the comments. You can also call me at 607.621.8047.



Diego said...

Patrick, I texted you yesterday to confirm that I was going today to the store at 7:45am. I went today to the store, I waited for you and finally I went to see the race on my own.

Well, I just came back home and realized that I'm so smart that I dialed ur cell phone number wrong yesterday.

I'm really sorry dude...

Congratulations to Melissa and Jake

P Murph said...

I must have just missed you. Sorry we didn't meet up!