Thursday, October 2, 2008


Despite the fact that the Economy is up against the ropes and Palin could actually win the debate tonight, there are other matters I would appreciate some feedback on.

One: Overtrained. I hear the comment used by coaches and runners alike when they are referring to runner who is beaten up not running well, etc. Some of you run a lot. Are you not overtraining? if not, how do you know, when do you know you are reaching over training mode, etc?

Two: I spoke at length recently to a very well respected coach in Westchester, NY. He is responsible for supporting world class east african runners here in the states. His runners are regularly top five at Cherry Blossom, Falmouth, Utica Boilmaker, etc. He has a heart of gold and does this work to support the runners and help them in life. He shells out lots of his own money and time and does not get any financial support from shoe companies, stores, etc. He is totally old school and simply wants to help runners get better. What do you all think about this, especially the charitable work with the east Africans. Are you supportive, do you think they take away purse money Americans should be getting, etc? Be honest and frank and back up your opinion with some solid rationale.

PS. Palin is only 6 years older than me. Maybe someone can pick me to be vice president next go around.


Peter said...

1: A symptom of over-training I get is trouble falling and staying asleep. However, this can also be a result of a single particularly hard workout, poor nutrition/hydration or an erratic sleep schedule.

2. I support the coach's actions. It is a great privilege for a coach to work with supremely talented athletes. Regardless of nationality, runners should have the opportunity to use and profit from their physical gifts anywhere in the world.

On the final thought, VP Lockwood would be amusing/terrifying:
-Would work to reduce partisanship in congress with yoga sessions
-In finishing speeches, "God bless America" would be replaced with "peace out."
-Secret Service code name: "Red Shorts"

PR said...

There is some good info out there on overtraining. It's something that doesn't go away overnight or after a day off, unfortunately:

As for Max as the VP: why not this year? Still too late to get on the McCain ticket?

I'm fairly sure you're more qualified for the job than Palin is.

Justin McCarthy said...

PR: I'm fairly sure you're more qualified for the job than Palin is.

Really? I didn't know Max governed a state!